(Filipendula vulgaris) In the Isle of Man, dropwort was an ingredient of rennet for cheese-making, and for binjeen (Junket) (Killip), while in Sweden the bitter tubers have been dried, ground, and baked into bread (G M Taylor). According to Coles, the name Dropwort was given because of its use in cases of strangury, and Culpeper says it is so called "because it helps such as piss by drops". The real etymology concerns the root, with its small drop-like tubers, so the medical use came from the doctrine of signatures (Grigson. 1959). But Hill was still saying in the 18th century that "the root is good in fits of the gravel".

Dryopteris filix-mas > MALE FERN

Duboisia hopwoodii > PITURI

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