Crown Vetch

(Coronilla varia) Blacks from the southern states of America used it as a love charm. They would chew it and rub it on the palms. That would give a man power over any woman with whom he later shook hands. More, southern blacks say that no snake will bite you if you carry a piece in the pocket, and moreover, lay a piece in a man's path, and he will never have any more money. It is called Devil's Shoestring there, and mix it with "snail water" (the secretion from a snail when sprinkled with salt), "planted" round the house, and that was reckoned to be infallible in keeping any woman at home. Another "conjure", to bring your wife home, was to get some dried Devil's Shoestring, some dust from her right foot track, and a piece cut from the "hollow" of her right stocking. Mix them together and "plant" them near your house (Puckett).

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