(Vacccinium oxycoccus) A Kansas wart charm is recorded which involves cutting a cranberry into halves. The wart has to be rubbed with each half, and they have then to be buried under a stone (Davenport). Although it is not quoted, surely the wart will disappear as the fruit rots. In a similar way, corns are treated by applying a poultice of freshly mashed cranberries (Hyatt). One interesting American usage is the application of cranberries to shingles. They say such a poultice will cure the condition (Turner & Bell), and cooked cranberries were sworn by in Kansas as effective rheumatic pain relievers (Meade).

The Russian sweet Kissel is made with the juice of stewed cranberries slightly thickend with cornflour. It is served in glasses at the beginning of the meal, or later on with a biscuit (J Hill. 1939).

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