Condor Vine

(Marsdenia condurango) see EAGLE VINE Conium maculatum > HEMLOCK CONKERS


Conopodium majus > EARTH-NUT Consolida ambigua > LARKSPUR CONSOUND

COMFREY is the best known consound, a reputation resting in the interpretation of the Greek word which gave the botanical name Symphytum; it comes from sumphuo, to grow together. Whether this really is the plant that the Greeks named and described as useful for knitting bones is doubtful, but it was certainly taken as such in medieval times, and has been used for the purpose ever since. It was the glutinous matter of the root that was used, grated, for a plaster that set hard over a fracture. But Comfrey is not the only plant with this reputation. ELM, for instance, was sometimes used (the leaves, boiled with the bark). The generic name for LARKSPUR (Consolida) shows that it must have had the same reputation at one time, and DAISY, consolida minor to Comfrey's consolida major, must have had a similar use at one time. In fact, Turner actually told us so: "the northern men call this herbe a Banwort because it helpeth bones to knyt againe". It was actually called Bone-flower in the north of England (Grigson. 1955).

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