(Lycopodium inundatum) Bretons thought it had occult powers. So did people in Cornwall, where it was considered good against all diseases of the eyes. It was said that if anybody revealed this secret, the virtues of the moss would disappear (Courtney. 1890) (that must have happened, as we are recording it here). Anyway, there was a proper way of gathering it. It had to be done on the third day of the moon, when the new moon was seen for the first time. Show the moon the knife with which the moss for the charm was to be cut, and repeat:

As Christ ealed the issue of blood, So I bid thee begone; In the name of .

In Scotland, clubmoss is something that brings luck to a house. As long as a piece of it is in the house, bad luck cannot enter (Gregor. 1888).

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