Carolina Nightshade

(Solanum carolinense) Assuming that the name Horse Nettle is meant for this plant, there are a number of uses that R B Browne lists from Alabama. It is recommended for 1) retention of virility in old age (eat a quarter-inch of the stalk), 2) a cough medicine, 3) neuralgia (leaf tea and leaf poultice), 4) toothache (chew it, or put it in the cavity). It was good for teething, too, as well as for toothache - they were strung on a thread and left round a baby's neck until they wore out (Puckett).

Carpobrotus edulis > HOTTENTOT FIG Carpobrotus equilaterale > FIG MARIGOLD CARRON OIL

So named because it was first introduced in the Carron Iron Works, is a mixture of equal parts of linseed oil and lime water, and is an embrocation for small injuries, burns, and for rheumatism and gout (Wickham).

Carthamus tinctorius > SAFFLOWER Carum carvi > CARAWAY Carya ovata > SHAGBARK HICKORY Carya tomentosa > WHITE HICKORY

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