An ancient cure for the condition used KNAPWEED. The Welsh medical text known as the Physicians of Myddfai has: "For a carbuncle . take the flowers of the Knapweed or the leaves, pounding with the yolk of an egg and fine salt, then applying thereto, and this will disperse it". They have been dealt with too, by using a TOBACCO leaf as a poultice (Thomas & Thomas). Another American remedy was by the use of SWEET FLAG - the roots would be mashed to a similar consistency as mashed potatoes, and that would be spread on a bandage, and used as a poultice (Indiana) (Tyler). One can assume the use of TUTSAN for a carbuncle by one of its Welsh names, Dail fyddigad, carbuncle leaves (Awbery). Its close relative, ST JOHN'S WORT, could also be used, by direct application (Physicians of Myddfai). A poultice of CHICKWEED is still prescribed by herbalists (Warren-Davis).

Cardaminepratensis > LADY'S SMOCK CARDAMOM

(Elettaria cardamomum) An ingredient of curry powder, and a seasoning in many kinds of sausage (Schery), and a flavouring agent in many medicines (Soforowa). The seeds are sometimes burned, too, to produce an incenselike atmosphere (Valiente). In the Near East, coffee was blended with cardamom by the 16th century, and by the 17th the practice had reached Italy. It seems it still survives in Saudi Arabia. It is suggested that the reason was that cardamom was famous as an aphrodisiac. So mixing it with coffee would eliminate the bad effects of drinking the latter (Swahn).

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