Candelabra Tree

(Euphorbia ingens) This is a tree-like spurge from central Africa. The latex becomes sticky when partially dry, and is used as bird lime. It is said to be poisonous, and can cause skin irritation and blistering. It has been used for homicidal purposes, too, in which case the "milk" would be evaporated to dryness, and the residue carefully collected and put in beer or food, which is then offered to the victim (Palgrave). The Zulus use it in very small doses as a drastic purgative, and the Sotho administer the latex as a cure for dipsomania, and also use the plant in some way as a cancer remedy. Shona witch doctors use a medicine involving the candelabra tree to treat boils. Another way to do it is to mix a certain snail shell with the milky sap, and apply that to the boil. An earache remedy is to crush a certain caterpillar with the roots of this plant in a cloth, and express the resultant fluid through the cloth into the patient's ear (Gelfand).

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