The water in which cabbage has been cooked (with no salt!) is good when cooled to bathe sore eyes (Quelch), and Gerard reported its use for dim eyes. He went on to prescribe the juice for "the shaking palsie", and snake-bite; the seed for worms, freckles and sunburn, and the like. Even the Maori, it seems, use it in the shape of a hot decoction, for colic (Goldie). There were, too, the usual fantastic remedies - in some way, it was used in Ireland as a cure for hydrophobia (Wood-Martin). Gerard hopefully said that "it is reported that the raw Colewort beeing eaten before meate, doth preserveth a man from drunkennesse ...", and claimed that the juice, mixed with wine, and "dropped into the eares, is a remedy against deafeness".

Cajanus indicus > PIGEON PEA

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Baby Sleeping

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