A Somerset bronchitis remedy was to make an ointment of lard and GARLIC, and rub it on to the soles of the feet at night (Tongue), a recipe that was recorded as recently as 1957. Garlic has always been in great demand for chest complaints, and there are similar prescriptions for whooping cough, coughs and colds, asthma, and even tuberculosis. Gypsies in this country have used CUCKOO-PINT, either by root decoction or by an infusion of the dry, powdered flowers, to cure croup and bronchitis (Vesey-Fitzgerald). Another gypsy remedy for this complaint involved peeling the bark, boiling it in a saucepan of water, and then allowing it to cool. After sugar was added, the liquor could be drunk as needed (Page. 1978). FENNEL tea is still taken sometimes for the complaint, and BALM tea has been recommended as an expectorant, as has a tea from dried HOLLYHOCK flowers (both Fluck), and PENNYROYAL tea is often taken (Beith). SWEET CICELY too, is taken for chest complaints and bronchial colds in popular medicine (Gibson), and so is a leaf tea of RIBWORT PLANTAIN (Conway), or GROUND IVY, which was always known as "Gill-tea", Gill being one of the names given to that herb (Clair). WATERCRESS, boiled with whisky and sugar, is an Irish cure for bronchitis (Wood-Martin), as is smoking the dried leaves of MULLEIN, both for bronchitis and asthma (O Suilleabhain). Smoking dried COLTSFOOT is the best known remedy for coughs, asthma and bronchitis, and a tea made from the flowers or leaves can be taken, too (Thomson. 1978). YARROW tea, either made from the dried herb or the fresh plant is used for a bad cold, and is also taken for bronchitis (V G Hatfield. 1994). Some of the American Indian peoples used to boil the whole flower head of a SUNFLOWER for lung trouble (Gilmore), which is interesting, for Russian folk medicine used sunflowers for the same complaint, listed as bronchitis, laryngitis and other pulmonary disorders (Kourennoff). JUJUBE (Zizyphus jubajuba) fruits have been famous since ancient times for colds and bronchitis. They would be made up into lozenges, still called jujubes (Mitton).

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