Biting Stonecrop

(Sedum acre) It is traditionally known as an abortive (Schauenberg & Paris). 'A Middle English Rimed Medical Treatise' has:

She that drynkes fumiter and the stoncrope

Schal neuere yong childe in cradell roke.

In other words, they caused sterility or abortion (I B Jones). Stonecrop "hath the signature of the gums", and so was used for scurvy (Berdoe), and Hill, in the 18th century, independently advised that "the juice ... is excellent against the scurvy and all other diseases arising from what is called foulness of the blood".

The bruised plant is applied to wounds to help heal them, and also to cure warts and corns (Fluck). It had also a use in skin complaints; in East Anglia, the juice has been used for dermatitis, and in Scotland an infusion was made to treat erysipelas (Beith).

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