(Atropa belladonna) see DEADLY NIGHTSHADE. The name itself, or its English translation, Fair Lady (Friend. 1883), which looks strangely out of place, refers to an ancient belief that the nightshade is the form of a fatal witch called Atropai, who in fact was the eldest of the Fates, the one whose duty it was to cut the thread of life. There is an old superstition that at certain times the plant takes the form of an exceedingly beautiful enchantress, dangerous to look upon (Skinner). Certainly, it was reckoned to have been grown in Hecate's garden (Clair). But the usual explanation of the name refers to the custom on the Continent for women to use it as a cosmetic to make the eyes sparkle (atropine is still used by oculists to dilate the pupils (Brownlow)).

Bellis perennis > DAISY

Berberis vulgaris > BARBERRY

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