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Beech lived to 108, attributed his long life to it (M Baker. 1980). Indeed, there was a once popular "restorative cordial", supposed to confer longevity, called Carmelite Water, apparently still made in France, under the name Eau de mélisse des Carmes, by macerating the fresh flowers and tops in fortified white wine, together with a variety of spices (Clair). There was also an Aqua Mellis, taken to be a decoction of balm, that was much used in 17th century England against baldness (Burton).

After all this it should come as a surprise to find balm used as a remedy for illness caused by witchcraft. It comes from a deposition made to the Assizes in Leicester in 1717, and was described as "used and prescribed by the cunning men", who put rosemary, balm, "and many gold flowers in a bagge to the patients brest as a charm and to give them inwardly a decoction of the same in a quart of ale and their own blood ..." (Ewen. 1929). As far off as South America, there is a similar belief, for balm was used as an ingredient in the ritual bath that is part of a Brazilian healing ceremony (Williams).

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How To Become A Bee Keeping Pro

How To Become A Bee Keeping Pro

Companies that have beekeeping stuff deal with all the equipment that is required for this business, like attire for bee keeping which is essential from head to torso, full body suits and just head gear. Along with this equipment they also sell journals and books on beekeeping to help people to understand this field better. Some of the better known beekeeping companies have been in the business for more than a hundred years.

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