Bastard Myrobalan

(Terminalia bellirica) An Indian species, with pale greenish-yellow, bad-smelling, flowers. The fruit is used for dyeing and tanning. Unripe, it is astringent, while the ripe ones are purgative. The kernel is said to produce intoxication if a lot is eaten, the symptoms being nausea and vomiting, followed by narcosis. Perhaps this is why Hindus in northern India look on the tree as inhabited by demons. So they avoid it, never sitting in its shade (Pandey). (see also MYROBALAN (Terminalia catalpa).

BAY, or LAUREL (Laurus nobilis) Originally from the Mediteranean area, but widely cultivated now. The name 'Bay' is French baie, a contraction of Latin baccae, berries, or better, baccae lauri.

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