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GARLIC is still prescribed for the condition, though its virtues seem to lie in reducing blood pressure, reports of which are recorded from Ireland, and Alabama. A decoction of HAWS , taken instead of tea or coffee is used for high blood pressure (Kourennoff) for it helps to prevent arteriosclerosis. In any case, haws in various preparations have been prescribed for angina pectoris, particularly in Russian folk medicine (Kourennoff), and in Germany it is claimed to be the only effective cure for the condition. Herbalists, though, still maintain that HAZEL nuts improve the condition of the heart, and prevent hardening of the arteries (Conway). Like true garlic, the wild garlic (or RAMSONS) is prescribed by herbalists as a tea made from the dried leaves, or by eating the fresh leaves, for this complaint (Fluck). Herbalists still use DAISIES for improving the circulation. They will keep the artery walls soft and flexible (Conway), and GLOBE ARTICHOKE has been used, too (Schauenberg & Paris). LIME-FLOWER tea, good for many conditions, is said to be good for arteriosclerosis, too, for it thins the blood, and so improves the circulation (M Evans). The dose is given as one cupful, four times a day, between meals. See also HYPERTENSION.

Blood Pressure Health

Blood Pressure Health

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