(Pimento dioica) It is called Allspice because it seems to combine all the flavours of nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, and juniper berries, making it a favourite ingredient for mulled wine (Leyel.1937). The ripe berries have been used in Jamaica for flavouring a special drink based on rum, and known as pimento dram (Brouk). There used to be something called a spice plaster to put on parts affected by rheumatism or neuralgia. The way to make it was to crush an ounce or so of whole allspice, and boil it down to a thick liquor, which was then spread on linen ready to be applied (A W Hatfield). One sometimes comes across the belief in America that a necklace of allspice worn round a baby's neck will help teething (H M Hyatt).

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