Alder Buckthorn

Liverwort), as well as for some kinds of rheumatism (Conway), for which it was a popular medicine in Cumbria (Newman & Wilson). The tea was a gypsy remedy for curing coughs, too (Vesey-Fitzgerald), and it is good for sore throats (A W Hatfield). It is still used for digestive disorders, and as a "blood purifier" (Clair), the latter recorded as a folk medicine in Dorset (Dacombe).

Agrimony was an ingredient in genuine arquebus-cade water, as prepared against wounds inflicted by an arquebus, and mentioned by Philip de Comines in his account of the Battle of Morat, 1476. Eau d'arquebuscade was still supplied in 1897 for sprains and bruises (Fernie). "Agrimony sod in red wine, wherewith if wounds be washed, it cleanseth all filth and corruption from it .. ."(Lupton). It was an ingredient of a plaster to get thorns or splinters out of a wound (Dawson. 1934), according to a 15th century leechdom. Agrimony and black sheep's grease were used for a Scottish ointment (Dalyell), and another ointment, for backache, was made with our plant and mugwort, in the 14th and 15th centuries (Henslow Dawson, ).

Agrimony wine is made, typically, to drink when one has a cold (Grigson. 1955), and the infusion was once used as an eye lotion for the cure and prevention of cataract. This kind of use is ancient; the Anglo-Saxon version of Apuleius, for example, had a remedy for "sore of eyes", as well as for a number of other ailments, including snake-bite, for which there were other remedies in that period. Storms quoted another Anglo-Saxon magical cure, in which he recommended the use of agrimony to "make one ring about the bite, it (the poison) will not pass any further.". Lupton, too, noted that agrimony by itself was enough: ". with a wonderful facility (it) healeth the bites of serpents and other venomous beasts".

Agropyron repens > COUCHGRASS

Agrostemma githago > CORN COCKLE

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