(Blighia sapinda) An African tree, but cultivated in tropical regions and southern Florida for its fruit, known as akee, which is from an Ashanti word. Canning and exporting them is now an industry in Jamaica. The aril is the edible part, but if they are under-ripe, they are poisonous, and risky if over-ripe (Menninger). African women grind the bark and mix it with locally made black soap to wash with during pregnancy. This is supposed to ensure an easy delivery when the time comes (Soforowa).


(Frangula alnus) The berries, bark and leaves are toxic, for they are a violent purgation. As Gerard pointed out, "the inner bark hereof is used by divers countrymen, who drinke the infusion thereof when they would be purged. It is. a medicine fit for clownes rather ... than for dainty people". Hill noted that in Yorkshire "they bruise the bark with vinegar, and use it outwards [externally] for the itch, which it cures very safely". And in the Balkans, a rash would

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