Starting With Discus

Discus collecting is a big business in Brazil. They are brought in by collectors and held in floating "cages" until ready to be shipped.

It is the purpose of this book to prepare the aquarisl to keep discus successfully. Learning about where the fish comes from ill nature is essential lo understanding why the fish has certain requirements for its care in the aquarium. If these few basic requirements are respected, given that you have started with healthy fish, there is no reason, in my mind, why everyone cannot enjoy and keep these exceptions fish.

angelfishes, oscars, convict cichlids, dwarf cichlids, and African cichlids. All these, and many more, are relatives of the genus Symphysodon, to which the different species of discus belong.

Cichlids are highly esteemed fishes. They enjoy this status for many reasons, bnt the most important in hobbyist terms are their intelligence and unique _ spawning behaviors. Cichlids are the "personality fish" of the hobby, interacting in unusual photo by d jordan

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