Dermatologic Physical Exam

Primary Lesions

1. Patches of skin that appear dull, fissured, scaly, erythematous, or impetiginized (see Photos 44,45).

2. Intervening skin that shows an accentuated dull crisscross pattern of skin markings (see Photo 44).

Secondary Lesions

1. Fine white scale (early).

2. Coarse white scale (later).

3. Fissures may be dry or exudative and eczematous. Color of the fissures varies from pink to a deep dusky red. They may contain small amounts of hemorrhage or exudate. The fissures often produce a canal-like (see Photo 46) or crazy-pavement (see Photo 47) pattern. This craquelé pattern has also been described as resembling the surface fractures on an old piece of Chinese pottery.

4. Impetiginization.


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