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Online Data Entry Jobs

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Online Data Entry Jobs Summary

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Organization of a Pharmaceutical Company

The data management department creates the case report forms with the CRAs and performs data entry from the completed study case report forms. The biostatistics group writes the statistics section of protocols, ensures adequate study design, performs analyses of all the study data, and writes a statistical report for each study and for all studies in the NDA. Most companies will have a writing group to author the draft of the final study reports from the stat report and also help write protocols and publications. A quality assurance group exists to perform audits of case report forms, processes and procedures, and study conduct at the company and at study - Data management (forms development & data entry) ' Biostatistics (protocols, analyses, reports)

Development Of Case Report Forms

As pointed out by Grobler et al. (2001), the trial project statistician programmer should be involved in the development of CRF design by providing the following input (1) Find the best balance between effective data collection and structuring the CRF to facilitate data entry, (2) design a CRF in such a way that the resulting datasets would be programmable with the least amount of data manipulation, (3) collect the minimum amount of necessary data, (4) data should be collected in a manner that facilitates data analysis, (5) calculated data should not be recorded in the CRF, but all data needed to perform the calculation should be included in the CRF, and (6) multiple clinical trials conducted for one submission should have consistent databases. During the development of CRF, it is essential to discuss the developed CRF with the relevant personnel who will be involved in the process after data have been collected. In practice, it would be beneficial if the statistician is consulted and...

Data Management And Informatics

The components of a system must appear seamless to allow for efficient data entry, queries and report preparation, and must also allow for rapid deployment of new services. Consideration should also be made for the future, as systems will become increasingly diverse supporting multiple architectures, platforms, and databases. Exchange of information between different databases at different institutions may also be or become a concern.

Concerns About Possible Transcription Errors

Experience in data management of corporate drug-testing programs has revealed that transcription errors, such as data entry errors, occur throughout the testing process. Once the test result is accurately determined, or translated from the lateral-flow test device, the information must be transcribed. The test result is translated from the visual endpoints to the test technician's mental interpretation. It is translated from a mental process to a written or verbal transmission of the test result (9-11). A phone call to the employer may be requested with the test results. However, ultimately a written document demonstrating the final determination of the operator must be recorded. Errors in recording the test result are

Data Validation And Quality

Data quality may be measured by the error rate defined as the number of errors divided by the total number of data. Quality can be attributed to all variables, or to a group of variables whose quality is deemed to be critical to the final conclusions. During database inspection, the error rate can be simply estimated by the number of errors found divided by the number of data inspected. The choice of an acceptable error rate for a database varies in the industry, but a popular choice was 0.5 overall, 0 to 0.1 for critical variables, and 0.2 to 1.0 for noncritical variables (see, e.g., SCDM, 2000 Shea, 2000). The methods of estimating the error rate should be documented in the Data Management Master File. Note that an estimated error rate obtained as 5 errors out of 1000 fields inspected bears a different precision to that obtained as 50 errors out of 10,000 fields inspected. The letter is a more precise estimate. There are different data quality inspection procedures for tracking...

Obtaining the Initial Target Protein Structure

At SGX, de novo protein crystal structures are determined using a gene-to-structure platform that was developed to process multiple proteins in parallel. This platform consists of modular robotics and a comprehensive laboratory information management system (LIMS) that facilitates data entry and electronic data capture at all stages of the process. The LIMS system also permits comprehensive data mining for troubleshooting and project management. The SGX gene-to-structure platform has facilitated high-resolution (typically better than 2 ) structure determinations for a large number of drug discovery targets, including more than 50 unique human protein kinases and a large number of nuclear hormone receptor ligand-binding domains. Successes include many targets not represented in the public domain Protein Data Bank 30 , some of which are regarded as being extremely difficult if not impossible to express, purify, and crystallize.

Changeable Bar Code Prelude to Digital Drug Testing

Drug testing by nature is inherently binary, because the outcome of a drug test for employment purposes is ultimately only positive or negative, pass fail, qualified unqualified, and so on, or qualitative in its result. In the information flow of drug testing, there exists a point where the analog processes become digital information. This point is referred to as the analog-to-digital conversion point (ADC). In the laboratory-centric model of drug testing, this point of conversion to digital information exists in the interface between the laboratory and the medical review officer (MRO). Improvements in efficiency of information transmission are realized as the ADC point shifts to the left, because little or no data entry or transcription is required into the drug test record after ADC. Digital conversion in the extreme case occurs when the data-entry process begins in the workplace as digital information.

Database Development

Edit Check Clinical Trial

As indicated by Grobler et al. (2001), a database should be designed to facilitate data entry and the extraction of data for analysis. Database development includes database design (or setup) and database edit check specifications, which are briefly outlined below. In practice, for a given clinical trial, to facilitate data entry and the extraction of data for analysis, a protocol-specific database is set up using standard templates (e.g., modules and format libraries or data dictionaries) where available. The use of standard templates enhances the efficiency of the database development process and facilitates subsequent aggregation of the data. The steps in developing a protocol-specific database are illustrated in Figure 15.4.1 (reproduced from Fig. 1 of Madison and Plaunt, 2003). As it can be seen from Figure 15.4.1, once the applicable standard templates are identified, the protocol-specific database can be built by creating the following associated structures of (1) data entry...


As mentioned above, currently there is no uniform definition for adverse events. As a result, no internationally accepted medical terminology exists for evaluation of safety information for regulatory purpose. However, most pharmaceutical companies as well as regulatory agencies employ one of the international adverse drug reaction terminologies in combination with morbidity terminology. For example, regulatory agencies in Europe use a combination of WHOART and ICD-9th Revision (ICD-9). The COSTART adopted by the U.S. FDA is usually used in conjunction with ICD-9-CM (a clinical modification of ICD-9). On the other hand, the Japanese have developed their own version of the international terminologies, namely, J-ART and MEDIS. These established international medical terminologies and coding systems have been criticized for the lack of specificity of terms provided at the data entry level, limited data retrieval capability, and inability to handle syndromes effectively. As a result,...


For a clinical trial, if the sponsor is to monitor the study and to perform in-house data management and statistical analysis, then the clinical trial typically involves three parties the patient, the study center or investigator, and the sponsor. The patient is the most important participant in the clinical trial. No clinical trial is possible without the patient's dedicated participation, endurance, corporation, and sacrifice. The study center, in a broad sense, is referred to as those individuals who are either directly in contact with the patient or perform various evaluations for the patient. Among these individuals is the investigator, who usually is the patient's primary care physician and members of the patient's care team such as the pathologist for histopathological evaluation, the radiologist for imaging assessment, a staff nurse who may also serve as the coordinator for the study center, the pharmacist who dispenses the study medicines, and other health care personnel at...

Patient Placement

The item to be entered is selected by touching the squares on the left. New models also have a keyboard option. (From the Humphrey Field Analyzer manual.) Fig. 2. Screen for data entry. The item to be entered is selected by touching the squares on the left. New models also have a keyboard option. (From the Humphrey Field Analyzer manual.)

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