New Treatment of Dry Scalp

Natural Treatments For Dandruff

Natural Treatments For Dandruff

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No More Dry Scalp Dry Itchy Scalp & Dandruff Remedies

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PARSLEY makes a good lotion for getting rid of dandruff, and helps to stave off baldness (A W Hatfield). The Wiltshire remedy was to massage the scalp with a NETTLE infusion each day (Wiltshire) (see also Baldness). An American domestic remedy for the condition is to use a lotion made of one part APPLE juice to three parts of water (H M Hyatt). Evelyn favoured a MYRTLE decoction for dandruff, and also for dyeing the hair black. Not only that, but it keepeth them from shedding . Gerard reported thet the juyce of the decoction (of FENUGREEK) pressed forth doth clense the haire, taketh away dandruffe , and the meale , presumably the paste or porridge made from the seeds, he reports as being good to wash the head ., for it taketh away the scarfe, scales, nits, and all other imperfections . An American cure for dandruff and falling hair is to make a strong tea from PEACH leaves (H M Hyatt). Native Americans, especially the Pueblo groups, used SOAPWEED (Yucca glauca) not only as a soap...

Zinc Pyrithione Zinc Omadine

The sodium salt of N-hydroxy-2-pyridinethiones has germicidal activity against yeasts and fungi. Sodium omadine is a 40 aqueous solution of sodium pyrithione. It is used in the metallurgical industry as a component of water-based metalworking fluids, of aceto-polyvinyl lattices, water-based printer's ink, a lubricant for synthetic fibers and anti-dandruff shampoos. Zinc pyrithione is widely used in anti-dandruff shampoos and is a classic allergen. Concomitant reactions are expected to both zinc and sodium pyrithione.

Specific History

Seborrheic dermatitis (SD), and its diminutive scalp variant, dandruff, first appear at puberty, exhibiting a peak incidence in the third and fourth decades. A significant number of cases also occur in elderly patients, where there is an association with chronic neurologic disease, especially Parkinsonism. The disease begins insidiously and patients often delay for long intervals before seeking assistance. Major complaints are usually referable to appearance rather than physical discomfort. Adult SD classically affects the scalp, creases, and hair-bearing areas of the face and ears. On the scalp and other heavy hair-bearing regions, flaking or dandruff is usually the initial complaint. Elsewhere, the appearance of the dermatitis evokes the patient's attention. Sometimes there is an associated seborrheic blepharitis with complaints of mattering, redness, and chronic eye irritation. Infrequently, extensive lesions develop on the


Several types of medicated shampoos are available and effective. Most of these products contain zinc pyrithione, selenium sulfide, sulfur, parachlorometaxylenol, or tar derivatives. These are available without prescription and share common ingredients that inhibit growth of Pityrosporum ovale, a yeast inhabitant of the skin implicated in the etiology of SD. Other products that contain salicylic acid are mainly keratolytic. Ketoconazole, which specifically supresses P. ovale, is available as an OTC shampoo and in a more concentrated prescription preparation. Also available by prescription is Loprox shampoo containing the broad-spectrum antifungal and anti-yeast ingredient ciclopirox. The choice of shampoos is dictated by both effectiveness and cosmetic acceptance. These products should be used initially on a daily or alternate-day basis. The scalp should be lathered with the preparation of choice, which should be left in place for 3 to 5 minutes, then thoroughly rinsed. Most of these...

Mustard Tree

Candied myrtle blossoms are supposed to beautify the complexion (Wiltshire), and Evelyn recommended the use of the berries for inflammations of the eyes, and as a consound, which is an older version of the word to consolidate, and refers to the knitting of broken bones. A syrup from the blue berries was taken in the Western Isles, a spoonful at a time, for flux (Martin), diarrhoea in modern terms. Bloody flux is dysentery, and Gerard mentions that myrtle ( the leaves, fruit, buds and juyce ) could be taken for that ailment. Among other recommendations, he said dandruff could be treated with the decoction, and he agreed with Evelyn that it could dye the hair black, and not only that, but it keepeth them from shedding .


Atrophic Vagina Histology

INTRODUCTION Blepharitis is a general term referring to eyelid margin inflammation. The two most prevalent factors appear to be a dysfunction of the sebaceous glands (meibomian glands), and colonization by pathogenic staphylococci. Additional common features include a diminished or abnormal tear production, chronic conjunctivitis, and structural changes in the lid margin due to chronic inflammation. Several organisms have at times been implicated in the etiology of blepharitis, including Moraxalla, Demodex folliculorum, and Malassezia furfur (Pityrosporum ovale), however, it now appears the most likely organism is Staphylococcus. Once the bacteria colonize the lid margin and meibomian glands they are virtually impossible to eradicate. Through their production of aggravating exotoxins and enzymes that convert lipids to fee fatty acids, they are responsible for many of the ongoing tissue changes and chronic inflammation seen in blepharitis. They remain sequestered deep in the meibomian...

Species Index

Macrolepiota, 337 Macrolepiota rhacodes, 89 Malassezia restricta, 165 Malassezia globosa, 163 Marasmiellus troyanus, 130 Marasmius, 5, 89, 193, 217, 283 Marasmius androsaceus, 7, 164, 187, 191 Marasmius crinis-equi, 198, 205, 206 Marasmius guyanensis, 205 Marasmius oreades, 33, 145, 283, 293, 294 Marasmius pallescens, 130 Marasmius setosus, 89 Megacollybia platyphylla, 6, 112, 217, 229 Melanomma spiniferum, 272 Melanotaenium ruppiae, 304 Melanoleuca grammopodia, 286 Melanotus proteus, 129 Meripilus giganteus, 214, 231 Micromphale, 205,


NETTLE juice combed through the hair to prevent baldness has been a common folk practice (Baker). The Wiltshire cure for dandruff was to massage the scalp with a nettle infusion each day (Wiltshire). PARSLEY was recommended for baldness as far back as Pliny's time (Bazin), repeated a long time afterwards as powder your head with powdered parsley seed three nights every year, and the hair will never fall off (Leyel. 1926). Actually, it really does make a good lotion for getting rid of dandruff, and helps to stave off baldness (A W Hatfield). ROSEMARY, besides providing the base of various hair rinses (see COSMETICS), was also used for the more serious purposes of preventing baldness. A manuscript from 1610 claims that if thou wash thy head with rosemary water and let it drye on agayne by itselfe, it causeth hayre to growe if thou be balde (Gentleman s Magazine Library Popular superstitions p162). Equally optimistic was a wash to prevent the hair from falling off , noted in the...

Parkinsons Disease

Treating kidney and liver trouble, and for dropsy and jaundice (Vesey-Fitzgerald). Parsley tea used to be a rheumatism remedy (Rohde). Even chewing the leaves is still thought of as a means of warding off rheumatism (Camp). Actually, parsley for rheumatism is a very ancient medicine there is a leechdom in the Anglo-Saxon version of Apuleius for sore of sinews. (Cockayne). Chapped hands were cured in the Fens by rubbing on a salve made from finely-chopped parsley mixed with the fat of a roasted hen (Porter. 1969). It seems, too, that parsley was used for snakebite in the past (Cockayne). Indeed, it once enjoyed the reputation of being able to destroy poison, probably, as one suggestion has it (C P Johnson), because it can overcome strong smells. The crushed leaves make an antiseptic dressing for insect bites, scratches and bruises, or boils (V G Hatfield). It was even recommended for baldness as far back as Pliny's time (Bazin), repeated a long time afterwards as powder your head with...

Arabian Jasmine

However, it is not often that they are linked with any particular ailment, (Galen prescribed apple wine as a cure-all (Krymow)), although advice from the Highlands of Scotland enjoins a decoction of apples and rowan, sweetened with brown sugar to be taken for whooping cough (Beith). A Yorkshire practice was to use a poultice of rotten apples for what were known as botches, described as small boils (Gutch. 1911). American opinion suggested that apples would relieve rheumatism (Thomas & Thomas), and another American domestic remedy is a lotion to cure dandruff, made of one part of apple juice to three parts of water (H M Hyatt).


(Yucca glauca) As with other members of the genus, the root was used like soap by the native Americans. Once the root bark is stripped off, the root can be pounded in cold water to make a lather. Blankets were washed in this way (Stevenson) in fact, the Navajo, in washing wool, prefer to use Yucca roots, because there is no grease or fatty substance in it, and they also say that they have a greater cleansing power than soap (Elmore). As with Datil (Yucca baccata) the special, ceremonial use is for hair shampoo - the Pueblo Indians used it as part of the ritual in initiation ceremonies (La Fontaine), though people like the Kiowa claimed it was an effective cure for dandruff and baldness (Vestal & Schultes).