Biorhythm Awareness

Biorhythm Awareness

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Location of Flower

When studies are carried out in botanical gardens or greenhouses, it is possible to observe the pollinators or to smell the flower scent at various times to assess the flower's biorhythm. However, in locations such as the rain forest this may not be practical, especially for night-scented flowers. To collect and identify samples at the peak of a flower's biorhythm, an automated collection system was developed (30). This is shown in Fig. 12. The portable sampling device consists of a manifold containing 12 headspace traps. Each trap is connected via a microvalve to a pump. A computer is used to switch the valves open, turn on the pump, and control the duration of the collection. The scientist typically knows if the flower emits its scent during the day or night, and each trap will be set to collect a 1 hour sample over 12 hours. Subsequent analysis identifies the collection period at which the plant was producing its maximum scent. The analytical data of this headspace sample is used...