Youve Chosen Your Specialist Now What

If you are part of a couple, your partner should be with you during your first visit with the new doctor. In fact, it's best if your partner can accompany you to all of your appointments. That's because fertility is often a couple topic and both of you are involved in this experience.

If you are able, it's best to bring your medical records, test results, and report summaries with you for your new doctor's review. One of the doctor's first priorities will be to evaluate whether you have a fertility problem. The specialist will go over your complete medical history. You will be asked many questions about your medical conditions, gynecological issues, and the nature of your sexual relations. There will be considerable focus on your menstrual cycle, past pregnancies, sexually transmitted disease history, and birth control. You will also be asked about medications that you take, your family medical history, and your personal and lifestyle habits. Your partner may be asked many of these same questions. Just do your best to answer the questions and try to provide as many details as possible.

At the conclusion of your medical history interview, the doctor will perform a complete physical examination and may also order tests and schedule procedures. Be sure to ask if you don't understand or feel unsure about something.

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