Why Does Icsi Work Better Than Natural Intercourse

ICSI is more effective than natural intercourse because:

• Fertility medications are used to produce more eggs than would develop naturally.

• Instead of your having to wait for the eggs to ovulate naturally, with IVF the eggs are retrieved manually by your doctor.

• IVF bypasses the fallopian tubes because the eggs are retrieved directly from the ovaries and transferred directly into the uterus.

• Your eggs are treated in the laboratory, and their outside protective layer is removed to make them more easily penetrated and fertilized by sperm.

• Sperm are specially prepared in the laboratory and then injected directly into each of your pretreated eggs to greatly improve the chances of fertilization.

• Most IVF programs transfer several fertilized eggs back into your uterus to improve the chances of a successful pregnancy outcome.

Pregnancy Guide

Pregnancy Guide

A Beginner's Guide to Healthy Pregnancy. If you suspect, or know, that you are pregnant, we ho pe you have already visited your doctor. Presuming that you have confirmed your suspicions and that this is your first child, or that you wish to take better care of yourself d uring pregnancy than you did during your other pregnancies; you have come to the right place.

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