Who Might Benefit From

In a perfect world, we would test every single chromosome of every embryo to ensure that the embryo is healthy and normal. However, PGD technology is expensive, and at this point scientists are only able to check for the major nine chromosomes (out of 24) that affect the embryo's health. Most clinics limit that use of PGD technology to situations where it can detect those with the highest risk for genetic problems. Patients who might benefit from the PGD technique include:

• A woman or her partner who is a known carrier of a genetic disorder

• Women over the age of 35, because of the increased incidence of genetic abnormalities as women become older

• Women who have experienced recurrent miscarriages

• Women who have in the past conceived a baby with known genetic abnormalities

• Couples who have experienced several IVF failed attempts

• Men who have such a low sperm count that a surgical procedure is needed to retrieve their sperm

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