What Are The Potential Side Effects Of Aspirin And Heparin

Many people think that aspirin is harmless because it has been an over-the-counter medication for decades. However, many doctors say that, if aspirin were to be discovered today, it would be available only by prescription. If you have any of the following conditions, please be sure to talk with your doctor before beginning aspirin therapy:

• Allergy to aspirin

• Medical history of stomach ulcers, gastric irritation, gastric bleeding

• Hemophilia, severe anemia, blood disorder

Heparin is somewhat controversial in the treatment of fertility problems, so it's especially important for you to be under the care of a competent fertility specialist who understands the side effects and possible complications associated with its use. Potential side effects associated with heparin use are:

• Bone loss, which may lead to osteoporosis

• Excessive bleeding (nose bleeds, eye bleeds, heavy menstrual bleeding)

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