Using Pgd To Determine The Sex Of Your Baby

When PGD was first offered to the public, it was intended for couples whose offspring were at high risk of inheriting a genetic disorder. Today as more fertility clinics offer PGD, this technology has become more available to those desiring it. However, at the current time, the majority of fertility centers in the United States do not offer this as an elective service.

If you are looking to use PGD technology to choose the gender of your child, find out ahead of time if this is an option at your fertility clinic. Couples may desire a child of a specific gender for a variety of reasons. The euphemistic term for this gender selection is family balancing.

PGD for the purpose of sex selection is performed in the same way as for PGD when used for genetic screening. As part of the IVF cycle, the eggs are retrieved from your ovaries and fertilized with your partner's sperm. The embryos are observed until they reach the six- to eight- cell stage. At that time, one or two cells are removed and biopsied.

The biopsied cells are tested using sophisticated techniques to identify sex chromosomes within each embryo. Sex chromosomes, also referred to as X or Y chromosomes, will determine whether the child will be a boy or a girl. These sex chromosomes are easy to distinguish in the laboratory. Embryos with two X chromosomes are female, and those with one X and one Y chromosome are male.

When PGD is used for sex selection, only those embryos of the desired sex are transferred back into your uterus. The other embryos are destroyed, cryopreserved, or donated. For many people, this practice raises serious ethical concerns. Some doctors may not be willing to perform PGD for the sole purpose of sex selection.

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