Traditional Surrogacy

In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate's own eggs are used and are inseminated with your male partner's sperm. The resulting child will have a genetic link to both the surrogate and your male partner. A contract is signed and agreed upon that after this baby is born, you and your partner will adopt the child and have full legal parenting rights.

This option may arise when your male partner is fertile but you are not. It may also be indicated when you possess a genetic condition that you don't want to pass to your child.

The procedure is carried out using various assisted reproductive technologies previously discussed. If conception occurs, the surrogate will carry the resulting pregnancy and turn the baby over to you once it has been delivered.

Traditional surrogacy arrangements are often considered somewhat controversial because the baby is genetically linked to the surrogate. This can cause considerable psychological and legal issues for both you and the surrogate. Because of these concerns, the majority of surrogacy in the United States involves the gestational surrogacy arrangement.

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