Single Women

Having and raising a child can be difficult even when you are part of a couple. It's especially an ambitious undertaking when you decide to consider motherhood without a partner.

For most women, it's wise for you to first come to terms with your life circumstances. Many women must deal with the sadness that their first choice of finding "Mr. Right" and living happily ever after may not be a reality. This may involve a grieving process, given that most of us were conditioned from childhood that we should find love, marriage, and a baby carriage, in that order.

Once you have come to the decision that you are ready to be a single parent, you must face some other issues. First you need to find a sperm donor who is willing to father your baby. You may use a friend or perhaps need to use an anonymous donor via a sperm bank. It's also important that you are financially able to support this child. How might having a child affect your current job? How much time can you take off? Will you need to use a day care or hire a nanny? What about health insurance for the child?

You will need emotional support from family, friends, and coworkers. A support group may help you deal with some of your uncertainties and concerns. The organization Single Mothers by Choice ( can also provide you with much-needed advice and emotional support.

Dealing With Sorrow

Dealing With Sorrow

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