Second Opinions

Sometimes you don't really need to change physicians, but you'd like a second opinion. There's nothing wrong with that! In fact, most doctors are very supportive of you getting a second opinion. That's because the second opinion often reinforces their own decision making, and these conclusions make you feel more confident and comfortable.

Of course, sometimes you may get a second opinion that does not agree with your original doctor's recommendation. That's fine, too. Remember that differing opinions don't necessarily mean that one person is wrong and the other is right. Very often, the same problem may have several solutions. You may gain additional insight by speaking with another doctor, who can view your situation with fresh eyes.

If you decide to seek a second opinion, first check with your insurance company. Many health insurance companies will pay for you to receive a second opinion, especially if surgery or another invasive procedure is involved. Also, be sure to take copies of your medical records and test results with you.

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