Natural Ways to Monitor Your Own Fertility

One of the best ways of naturally boosting your fertility is to pinpoint exactly when you are ovulating. That's the time period when you are the most fertile. You maximize your chances of becoming pregnant if you have sexual intercourse just before your egg is released.

Several natural family-planning methods can help you figure out when you are ovulating. The most popular techniques are the rhythm (calendar) method, the basal body temperature method, and the cervical mucus method. Each of these techniques is discussed in detail next. Many women perform all three systems because when combined together, these methods will increase your chances of conceiving. That's because they are a very effective way to track your menstrual cycle and let you determine exactly when you are ovulating.

Pregnancy Guide

Pregnancy Guide

A Beginner's Guide to Healthy Pregnancy. If you suspect, or know, that you are pregnant, we ho pe you have already visited your doctor. Presuming that you have confirmed your suspicions and that this is your first child, or that you wish to take better care of yourself d uring pregnancy than you did during your other pregnancies; you have come to the right place.

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