Is the donor available for a second child This may or may not be

important to you. If you are planning to have more than one child using donor sperm, you may want to consider using the same sperm donor with each child so the children are all biologically related.

• Once you've narrowed it down, is there additional information about your top picks? Sperm banks often provide baby and adult pictures of the donors. Some clinics even offer video- or audiotapes from the donors. There may also be a personal statement or questionnaire from the donor that highlights his education, hobbies, interests, and personal habits.

• Once your child reaches legal age, is this donor open to contact from the child that was conceived using his sperm? Of course, this is a very personal decision and varies from woman to woman. You certainly don't have to decide if and how you will tell your child about his or her biological heritage at this point. However, it is helpful to find out right now whether contact with the biological father is even an option at some time in the distant future.

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