In Vitro Maturation Of Eggs

At the present time, a woman must undergo various fertility medications, ultrasounds, and blood work to stimulate her ovaries and induce ovulation. The net result is typically somewhere between 10 and 50 mature eggs. This is an expensive and physically demanding procedure for such a relatively small payback.

As a result, much research is being focused on in vitro maturation of eggs. What this means is that immature eggs are removed from your ovaries, taken to the laboratory, and treated with special techniques to cause them to further develop and mature. The mature eggs could subsequently be used with various assisted reproductive technologies. This saves you from the discomfort of fertility medications and the physical demands of many tests and procedures and you gain substantial financial savings.

This technique could be used by women who have:

Premature ovarian failure

• Reached menopause

• Serious ovulation problems

Cancer and are facing chemotherapy or radiation

• A desire to donate eggs to others

Fertility issues that require IVF

• A wish to delay childbearing

Once the technique of in vitro maturation of eggs becomes refined and available, it will likely revolutionize IVF.

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Pregnancy Guide

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