Fertility Demystified is a great resource for women and their partners who want to become parents but are having difficulty because of fertility issues. As a practicing fertility specialist, I deal with patients and their fertility challenges every day. Most of them have great hope of becoming parents but also feel the emotional frustration and apprehension of attempting to determine their diagnosis and treatment options. This book is designed to put those of you needing fertility assistance more at ease and to provide you with some insight into what you may expect as you start or continue your journey through the sometimes confusing and seemingly overwhelming fertility process.

This book was written and reviewed as a collaboration between two doctors: an OB/GYN physician and a fertility specialist. Our goal as physicians is to provide you with the best information available so you can have the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your individual condition.

Fertility is a complicated field of medicine that is constantly evolving as scientific breakthroughs and emerging techniques are discovered. Because it's easy to feel overwhelmed, this book has been written in a manner that is easy to understand. Fertility Demystified takes a logical and systematic approach to the field of fertility, which could otherwise seem difficult and complex. This book examines the potential causes of infertility and explains the various tests, procedures, and fertility drugs that you may encounter. It also provides a straightforward look at female and male anatomy to help you better understand the reproductive process. Current and emerging fertility technologies are explained in an easy to follow manner.

The book is arranged so that each major fertility topic has its own chapter. At the end of each chapter, you'll notice a summary that emphasizes the key points discussed within the chapter. You can use these summaries to refresh your memory, or you may choose to use them as an introduction to see if a specific chapter is relevant to your needs right now.

Once you have completed this book, keep it handy as a quick and practical reference guide. You may even want to take notes and/or bring it with you to your doctor

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Foreword appointments. That way you can ask your own fertility specialist how a condition or treatment relates to your own particular situation.

I hope that you enjoy this book and find it to be a useful guide and resource. I wish you the very best success on your journey toward parenthood.

Nathaniel Zoneraich, M.D. Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

Pregnancy Guide

Pregnancy Guide

A Beginner's Guide to Healthy Pregnancy. If you suspect, or know, that you are pregnant, we ho pe you have already visited your doctor. Presuming that you have confirmed your suspicions and that this is your first child, or that you wish to take better care of yourself d uring pregnancy than you did during your other pregnancies; you have come to the right place.

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