Dealing With Family And Friends

Starting a family is supposed to be a personal and enjoyable experience. However, for couples with infertility issues or unconventional situations, such as lesbian couples or single women, it can be a very difficult situation. You come face-to-face with family and friends who may not be sensitive to your situation. They may or may not have good intentions, but they seem to believe that you will benefit from their thoughts and opinions. They just don't seem to realize how emotionally challenging it can be on you.

Because most people view their infertility as a personal issue, they are often hesitant to share their experiences openly with family and friends. To a couple that has been diagnosed with infertility, unknowing friends and family may ask:

• "So, when are you two going to get busy and start a family?"

• "What are you waiting for? You'd be such good parents."

• "You don't have any children—don't you like children?"

This situation can end up driving a wedge between you and those close to you. Consequently, many couples suffer in silence and end up feeling lonely and isolated.

Lesbian couples and single mothers often encounter another form of reprimand from friends and family. In these situations, others may say to you:

• "How could you bring a child into the world under these circumstances?"

• "Are you planning to mess up and confuse your child for life?"

• "How will you ever be able to manage and financially support this baby?"

They don't seem to consider that you have been dealing with these complex issues and have put much more thought and planning into the situation than they could possibly fathom. Obviously, bringing a baby into the world is not something that you are doing frivolously or impulsively. Caring friends and family should give you more credit than that. You just may need to spend a little effort to educate them about your circumstances. If they are true loving friends and family, they will come around and become more supportive and understanding.

Pregnancy Guide

Pregnancy Guide

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