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7 Day Prayer Miracle

7 Day Prayer Miracles is products which depict the life of Amanda Rose, who is living testimony of what the miracle can do in your life. She went through a difficult time in her life but eventually, it came to pass. The most troubling challenges which she went through was the tragic accident which saw her husband bedridden for some time. In addition to that, she had a lot of debts, which was bringing a lot of embarrassment to other people in life. However, after meeting Michael, who shared with her about the prayers, she decided to try the power of the prayer. On the first day when she prayed, she received a call from the landlord who apologized. She received some more miracles in life, and she was a witness what God could do with your life. The product is available on e-Book and comes with a bonus Read more...

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Author: Amanda Rose
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Highly Recommended

This is one of the best books I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

Purchasing this e-book was one of the best decisions I have made, since it is worth every penny I invested on it. I highly recommend this to everyone out there.

Celestial Inspiration Angelic Guided Path

The product is a Guidebook designed to help You Connect To the Angelic realm and tap into the powers of the archangels for divine wisdom and guidance. This product gives youthe opportunity to know exactly how to reach out to the loving angels for true guidance and wisdom. This guidebook is designed, assured and to guarantee you an easy connection to the angelic realm and tap into the powers of the archangels for divine wisdom and guidance. Apractical guide created by the author who has gone through several findings to create this guidebook which serves as a communicative link between humans and the archangels thereby giving you the chance to tap wisdom and guidance. This product contains many useful guide some of which are:the celestial Angels and their powers on various aspects influencing the human realm,the opportunity to come in contact with shared stories and several positive accounts of people who have received protection, guidance and miraculous healings in the same vein giving you the chance to receive such benefits,learning how to interpret your divine purpose so as to take full advantage of its blessings,attaining a level of clairvoyance with which you can read signs that alarm you of a potential threat even before it occurs is one of the useful contents this product contains, learn different ways to catapult your financial, physical as well as emotional relationships so as to create long-lasting bonds is another unique feature discussed in this product. Read more...

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The Celestial Inspiration Angelic Guide Path

Celestial Inspiration- Angelic Guide Path is an eBook authored by Dr. David Hawkins, a clinician. The central theme of the work is spirituality of human beings. The book contain real experiences of individuals who benefited from protection and extraordinary restoration. The book helps you get acquainted with the archangels as well as the means within which they can extend help to you without denominational approach. Furthermore, the book will help you do away with feelings of negativity, making it possible to strengthen your faith, hope and love. Significantly, it will link you to your own guardian angel to help attain success in your daily undertakings. To illustrate the significance of angelic beings in human lives, the author use various level of consciousness as quantified in vibration spectrum. Human vibration spectrum ranges from 0 to 1000. The angels' level goes up to 50,000. Being that powerful, they can help human beings remain bonded to the creator. Get a copy of this eBook and sure of reaping maximum benefit from it. Read more...

The Celestial Inspiration Angelic Guide Path Summary

Contents: Ebooks
Author: David Hawkins
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Who is your Guardian Angel

Friendship is often based on mutual support along with elements of trust and understanding. The archangels play significant roles in this regard. These are God's topmost angels who often captures people's attention and admiration. It is believed that Gabriel frequently communicate with God and thus considered the most powerful of all. Your guardian angel may sometimes try to send you an urgent message in relation to guidance and insight into the past, present and future. Questions regarding love, relationship or money will be addressed instantly if you connect with your angel today. As a being, you are entitled to love and care, you need to develop your prevailing relationship by means and harmony in the balance you aspire for and permit healing to occur where necessary. You need to open with regards to new dimensions to the relationships you have already have with others. Angels have special plans for you, with essential lessons and a bright down. Your guardian angel is watching over you, waiting for you to begin listening. In whatever circumstance you face, take note there is always an angel besides you for support Read more...

Who is your Guardian Angel Summary

Contents: Online Course
Creator: Lorna Byrne
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Wild Angelica

(Angelica sylvestris) A traditional food on the Faeroes for St John's Day, when the stem is chopped in small pieces, and served with sugar and cream (Williamson). Gypsies used to smoke the stem as a tobacco substitute, as they did also with the stems of hogweed. Of course, wild angelica inherited some of the beliefs invested in its more august relative, Archangel (Angelica archangelica). So we find it to have been a remedy against poison or the plague, by chewing the root, apparently (F P Wilson), (. it has always been famous against pestilential and contagious disease (Hill. 1754). Wood-Martin recorded its use in Ireland as a cure for hydrophobia, and so on. Even some of Archangel's names attached themselves to this plant, Holy Ghost, for example, the medieval radix Spiriti Sancti, or Holy Plant. Ghost Kex is a descendant of that concept (Grigson. 1955). Kex in one form or another is the name given to any hollow-stemmed umbellifer, and usually refers to the dried stems. Trumpet Keck...


(Angelica archangelica) It blooms around the Archangel Michael's Day, 8 May in the earlier tradition (Emboden), hence the comon name, though it is more likely that the name was given because Tradescant found it near the Russian town of that name (Fisher). According to Grimm, the name is given because its efficacy against such epidemic diseases as cholera and the plague was revealed by an angel in a dream. Then there was the name Holy Ghost - some call this an herb of the Holy Ghost others more moderate call it Angelica, because of its angelic virtues, and that name it retains still, and all nations follow it (Culpeper). The root was the special part (radix Sancti Spiriti), chewed during the Great Plague in an attempt to avoid the infection. With this background it is hardly surprising that it was used as a protection from other things, evil spirits, witchcraft, for instance, and against the cattle disease called elf-shot (Prior). Cornish folklore still regards it as a strong witch...

History of Diuretics

The agonal picture of volume overloaded patients drowning in their dropsy, after prolonged suffering and invalidism, has been a matter of human sympathy and medical concern since the earliest days of recorded history. Flooding of the heart, the ancient Egyptians termed it, and shrouded in the mist of antiquity are the first musings on its treatment 9 . Among the celestial cures recorded on the pillars of the Aesklepion at Epidaurus is that of a Spartan girl, Arete, who suffered from dropsy and asked the god for relief. Aesculapius cut off her head, turned her upside down until the fluid ran out, and then replaced her head 31 . A cure, the same records indicate, that could not be repeated In reviewing the history of diuretics this chapter will center around measures to treat this very condition, i.e., dropsy, for that is the principal problem which mankind in general, and medicine in particular, have had to deal with.


In Glamorgan, the roots and leaves of BUCK'S HORN PLANTAIN used to be made into a decoction, sweetened with honey, and given as a cure for hydrophobia (Trevelyan). Sir John Hill had heard of this, but gave it no credit it is said also to be a remedy against the bite of a mad dog, but this is idle and groundless . RIBWORT PLANTAIN was given for hydrophobia in Ireland (Denham) (it was being prescribed for snakebite in the Anglo-Saxon version of Apuleius). In Ireland, BOX leaves were used as a remedy (Wood-Martin) compare this with the 14th century recipe For bytyngge of a wood hound. Take the seed of box, and stampe it with holy watyr, and gif it hym to drynke (Henslow). Wood-Martin records the use in Ireland of WILD ANGELICA as a cure for hydrophobia, probably only as an inheritance from its august relative, ARCHANGEL. BLACKCURRANTS were used in Ireland for the disease (Wood-Martin). A Russian cure uses CYPRESS SPURGE. It had to be gathered in May and September, during the first days...

Tree Of Life

See also Yggdrasil, for the Tree of Life also grew on the surface of the earth, with roots below and branches above, uniting the earth and heaven, and the underworld. All over the Near East trees were planted in the temples, particularly the fig, cypress, apple, sycamore and olive, as well as the COCONUT palm which was at one time the prime candidate for identification as the tree of life. As Raleigh said, the Earth yeeldeth no plant comparable to this , and the tree giveth unto man whatsoever his life beggeth at Nature's hand (Prest). This one tree yielded wine, oil, vinegar, butter and sugar, while threads from the bark could be spun and woven into cloth, the nuts provided coir, as well as, dried, copra, and the fronds too have numerous uses. The SYCAMORE FIG was another tree identified as the Tree of Life. Adam and Eve, it will be remembered, sewed fig leaves together to hide their nakedness. It was only in the Middle Ages that the tradition grew up that the tree was an apple...

Devils Plants

NETTLE, not surprisingly, was associated with the devil, as some of the local names imply. They were Devil's Leaf, and Devil's, or Naughty Man's Plaything (Macmillan), Naughty Man being quite a common euphemism for the devil. An Irish name is Devil's Apron, but that may hark back to a textile use. In the Highlands and Islands, nettle's very existence was ascribed to the devil. Tradition had it that they sprang up where Satan and his angels fell to earth on their expulsion from heaven (on 3rd May) (Swire.1964). In spite of bearing names like Archangel and its derivatives, RED DEADNETTLE also is called Bad Man's, or Black Man's Posies, (Grigson. 1955), both euphemisms for the devil. A French tale tells how the devil spun the DODDER at night to destroy the clover clover was created by God, and dodder is the devil's counter-plant. It is hardly surprising that this parasitic plant was assigned to the devil. Local names in England and Scotland confirm the belief - Devil's Threads, or...


Garlic is recognized in Morocco as one of the charms against the evil eye, but at the same time it is conceded, at least in Tangier, that anyone who eats it will be forsaken by his guardian angels as long as the smell remains in his mouth (Westermarck). On the other hand, according to Thomas Hill, it is the very smell that saves the lives of poultry, for neither the Weasel, or Squirrel, will after the tasting of Garlicke, presume to bite any Fowles, by which practice, Pullets and other fowles in the night being sprinkled over with the liquor of the Garlicke, may be defended from harm of either these . Similarly in France, it used to be said that a wolf would not harm the sheep if a clove of garlic had been tied round the neck of the leading ewe (Sebillot). Perhaps in a good many cases of protection mentioned above, it is the smell alone that puts to flight any evil tendency, just as, in Greek mythology, garlic was the herb given by Mercury to Ulysses Odysseus to protect him from...

Tobacco Substitutes

BUCKBEAN leaves used to be shredded and smoked in the Faeroes in times of tobacco scarcity (Williamson). The Lapps believed that ARCHANGEL roots prolonged life, and they chew it and smoke it in the same way as tobacco (Leyel. 1937), just as gypsies smoke the stems of WILD ANGELICA. BLACKTHORN leaves were an Irish substitute (O Suilleabhain), as were LABRADOR TEA leaves for the Ojibwa Indians (Jenness. 1935), while Plains Indians used to dry the autumn leaves of SMOOTH SUMACH for smoking (Gilmore). BITTERVETCH roots were chewed in the Scottish Highlands as a tobacco substitute (G M Taylor). Devil's Tobacco is a name given to HOGWEED, but there is also Boy's Bacca, from Devonshire, where the stems were actually smoked as a tobacco substitute, and not only by boys, for apparently gypsies smoked them, too. One of the names for CAT's FOOT in America is Ladies' Tobacco, implying that experiments have been made in smoking the dried herb, and that it was found to be very mild in character -...


HONEYSUCKLE is a symbol of constancy, presumably because of its twining habit (Tynan & Maitland), and MUGWORT symbolises happiness and tranquillity, as does the PEAR for affection and comfort (Leyel. 1937). The MADONNA LILY is the symbol of purity (Haig), chastity (also Haig) (it will only grow for a good woman (M Baker. 1977), of beauty (Zohary), and celestial bliss (Woodcock & Stearn), for to early medieval artists and theologians this was the flower of heaven. But of course, this lily is the emblem of the Virgin Mary, so the symbolism stems from that. PARSLEY seems to have been a symbol of festivity, though quite why is not clear. To the Greeks it also symbolised strength, and they crowned the winners of the Isthmian Games with chaplets made of it. FENNEL, too, is a symbol of strength, and also of flattery (Dyer). The Italian idiom 'dare finocchio' means to flatter (Northcote). SWEET CICELY represents the opposite, sincerity, while LETTUCE is the emblem of temperance, according to...

Madonna Lily

(Lilium candidum) Probably the oldest domesticated flower, known to have been grown in Crete from about 3000BC (Woodcock & Stearn). An old name for this lily is Juno's Rose. The legend is that Jupiter, to make his infant son Hercules immortal, put him to the breast of Juno. The drops of milk that fell to the ground became white lilies, while those that went into the sky became the Milky Way. But this lily is better known, as the common implies, for its association with the Virgin Mary. The Buckinghamshire name Lady Lily is relevant in fact any plant name referring to 'Lady' or 'Lady's' must always show there was a connection with the Virgin. But it is this lily that is the Virgin's plant par excellence, and her emblem, always shown in pictures of the Annunciation. Indeed, the lily of sacred art is always the Madonna Lily, and after the twelfth century it is always used as the symbol of purity, associated with the Virgin. Later, after the fourteenth century, it is very occasionally...


A protection against plague, Galen said, was to eat garlic with butter and salt at breakfast (Wilson). TOBACCO was another plague protector, either by smelling it, or by taking it fasting in the morning, provided, that presently after taking thereof, you drinke a deepe draught of six shilling Beere, and walke after it (Wilson). ARCHANGEL root, the root of the Holy Ghost (radix Sancti Spiriti), was chewed during the Great Plague in an attempt to avoid the infection. It was a case of the name governing the use, for the plant was credited with wonders regulated with its angelic virtues , as Culpeper had it. Archangel's wild relative, WILD ANGELICA, was also recommended as a protector from plagues, as well as poison, but only as an inheritance from its august cousin. BOX hedges used to be planted as a plague preventive, particularly in Dorset. It is said that traces of these borders planted in the 16th century can still be seen in Netherbury (Dacombe). VALERIAN, too, was reckoned in the...


Mercury is the specific remedy in dropsy. This is due to a morbid extraction of salt from the flesh, a chemical process of solution and coagulation. As such this process does not depend at all upon quality and complexion, but is a celestial virtue endowed with its own monarchy to which quality and complexion are subservient. Mercury will drive out the dissolved salt, which has a harmful corrosive action on the organs, and preserve the solid coagulated state of the salt in the flesh, where it is needed to prevent putrefaction. Mercury will effect the cure specifically in everybody, although it causes vomiting in one and sweating in another. Neither vomiting nor sweating the universal cures of the ancients are therefore the curative factors. Hence he errs who says the patient must be cured with sweating or vomiting, for he fails to consider the manifold variety of man and that any effect of such remedies is merely the expression of the different reaction of individuals to the same...

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