An other example of Salvia quinone is salvicine, a structurally modified diterpenoid quinone derived from Salvia prionitis, which is cytotoxic against multidrug-resistant cancer cell lines of topoisomerase II inhibition by trapping the DNA-topoisomerase II complex (49).

Salvia plebeia R.Br. (Salvia plebia, Lumnitzeria fastigiata [Roth] Spreng, Ocimum fastigia-tum Roth, Ocimum virgatum Thunb., Salvia brachiata Roxb., Salvia minutiflora Bunge, Salvia plebeia var. latifolia E. Peter), or ching chich, li zhi cao (Chinese), is an annual or biennial herb that grows in a geographical area spanning from China, Korea, Afghanistan, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Burma, Mongolia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Australia. The stems are erect, up to 90 cm, and stout. The blade is elliptic-ovate, minutely hispid, and serrate. The influorescences are pilose. The flowers are reddish-purplish to blue, and the nutlets are ovoid and minute (Fig. 96).

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