Hernone Nymphone

Lignans characterized from the bark of Hernandia nymphaeifolia: (2)-69-hydroxy-yatein, (2)-hernone, and (2)-nymphone exhibited some levels of cytotoxic activities against P-388 and HT-29 cell lines with ED50 values of 0.321 and 0.740 mg/mL for (2)-nymphone; and 0.806 and 0.909 mg/mL for (2)-hernone (12). In the Asia-Pacific region, Illigera appendiculata Bl., Illigera luzonensis L., and H. ovigera L. (Hernandia peltata Meissn.) are medicinal.

Illigera luzonensis L. (Henschelia luzonensis C. Presl., I. luzonensis (C. Presl.) Merr., Henschelia luzonensis C. Presl., Gronovia ternata Blanco, Halesia ternata Blanco, Illigera meyeniana Kunth ex Walpers, Illigera pubescens Merr., Iligera ternata [Blanco] Dunn.), or tai wan qing teng (Chinese), is a climber that grows in Taiwan, Japan (Ryuku), and the Philippines. The stems are angular. The leaves are simple, compound, and spiral. The petiole is 4-10 cm long, rough, and hairy. The folioles are ovate, rounded at base, mucronate at apex, and somewhat pubescent. The influorescences are 7-15 cm axillary cymes. The fruits bear a pair of wings. In the Philippines, the sap expressed from the stem is drunk to alleviate headache. Using antiplatelet aggregation as a guide to fractionation, Chen et al. isolated a series of aporphines including actinodaphnine, N-methylactinodaphnine, launobine, dicentrine, O-methylbulbocapnine, hernovine, bulbocapnine, and oxoaporphines; dicentrinone and liriodenine were isolated from the stems of I. luzonensis (13).


N-methyl-actinodaphnine possesses 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor blocking activity and a selective antagonist of a^adrenoceptors, selective for the a1B- than for the a1A-adrenoceptor subtype (14). What are the activities of N-methyl-actinodaphnine and other aporphines of Illigera and Hernandia species against topoisomerase?

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