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Each year in the United States more than 1 million people are diagnosed with cancer, and about 500,000 people die from the disease. For the most part, the reason that cancer is a fatal disease is that cancer cells can invade through, and metastasize to, distant organs in the body. The hallmarks of malignant neoplastic tissue are unregulated cell proliferation, invasiveness, and metastasis to distant sites in the body. Surgery and radiotherapy can eradicate localized tumors but may fail because the cancer may have metastasized to other areas of the body; chemotherapy, if used properly, may control or eliminate metastasis. The array of drugs used for the treatment of cancer includes antimetabolites (methotrexate [Trexall®]), fluoouracil (Efudex®), mercaptopurine (Puri-Nethol®), cytarabine (Cytosar®), covalent DNA-binding drugs (nitrogen mustards, alkylating agents), noncovalent binding drugs (anthracyclines), antiestrogens, and inhibitors of chromatin function.


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10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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