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Fig. 53. Artemisia stelleriana Bess.

This evidence taken together lends considerable support to the view that sedative Asteraceae owe their activity to the GABAergic property of their flavonoids. One major difficulty seems to be explaining the mechanism by which these polar substances would cross the hemato-encephalic barrier to reach GABA receptors in the brain.

Artemisia stelleriana Bess., or dusty miller sagewort, beach wormwood; old woman, or pai hao, fan, lu (Chinese), is a shrub that grows to 1.20 m in Japan, Korea, China, and Siberia. The whole plant is covered with a glaucous indumentum. The leaves are compound, and the lobes are rounded. The flowers are small, yellowish, and packed in globose capitula (Fig. 53). The medicinal values of Artemisia stelleriana Bess. were mentioned by Su Sung (11th century). It has been used internally for food, as carminative, to promote the growth of hair, and to stimulate mental faculties, and externally it provides a remedy for ulcers.


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