In Malaysia, a decoction of the roots is drunk to assuage stomachaches. The potential of this climber as a source of molecules affecting the serotoninergic neurotransmission would be worth investigating because (-)-discretamine characterized from Fissistigma glaucescens blocks a1- and a2-adrenoceptor and exerts a 5-hydroxytryptamine-

antagonist activity. Note discretamine is spasmolytic, hence the use of the plant receptors (4).

Cyathostemma micranthum (A. DC.) J. Sinclair. (Guatteria micrantha A. DC, Uvaria micrantha Hk. f. et Th.), Uvaria sumatrana Kurz, Anaxagorea sumatranaMiq, Cyathostemma sumatrana Boerl, Polyalthia fruticans A. DC, Popowia nitida King), or subang hitam (Malay), is a climber that grows in the primary rainforest of Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, and east to Papua New Guinea. The roots have a very pleasant ginger-like fragrance. The stems are fissured and dark colored. The leaves are simple, oblong-lanceolate. The fruits are 1-cm-in-diameter ripe carpels with irregular bulges owing to the seeds (Fig. 33).

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