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Vitex trifolia L. (Vitex rotundifolia L.f., Vitex lagundi Ridl. Vitex repens Blanco), or hand of Mary, man jing (Chinese), dangla (Philippino), galumi (Indonesian), lenggundi (Malay), pitipitikoto (Papua New Guinea), khon thiso (Thai), or majn kinh (Vietnamese), is a treelet that grows to a height of 5 m tall in Taiwan, China, Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. The leaves are three-foliolate, with each foliole lanceolate or obovate, and showing eight pairs of secondary nerves. The flowers are purplish to bluish-purple, and 6 mm to 10 cm long. The fruits are black, subglobose, and with 5-mm-diameter drupes (Fig. 69).

The drug consists of the dried berries that are prescribed for headache, catarrh, watery eyes, and are used to promote beard growth. In Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, the berries are used to treat conjunctivis, dropsy, toothache, and as a remedy for swollen breast. In Malaysia, the leaves are used to assuage headache externally, and internally are used to treat tuberculosis and fever.

The plant is attracting a great deal of interest on account of its ability to elaborate labdane diterpenes vitexilactone, 6-acetoxy-9-hydroxy-13(14)-labden-16,15-olide, rotundifuran,

Fig. 69. Vitex trifolia L.

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The Prevention and Treatment of Headaches

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